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Young Dreamers: The Future of Tech

August 14, 2017

Jennifer Powell

CMO of Installation & Service Technologies (IST)

At Skinny IT, we know the future is in new and unexplored technological innovations, and the pioneers who discover them are in the next generation of young dreamers.

Recently, we had the opportunity to get involved with Tech Titans and the Wylie SMARTgirls club to help a few young girls who have an interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) go to the Tech Titans STEM Engineering camp.

Tech Titans is the largest technology trade association in Texas. Tech Titans is a diverse group of leaders working to strengthen the North Texas technology community by acting as the innovation hub for entrepreneurs, universities and corporations. The non-profit strongly supports efforts to provide kids with educational opportunities. Working with the Wylie SMARTgirls club, a group dedicated to promoting STEM career awareness among girls, Tech Titans hosted a summer STEM camp at Frank McMillan Junior High School for 30 locally-based middle school girls.

The STEM camp brought learning to life. Through group discussions, hands-on activities and creative thinking, the girls solved complex problems using STEM skills. In one case, the girls were presented with the task of designing self-driving cars. They split up and thought critically about the car’s purpose, including its potential advantages and challenges. After discussion, ideation and planning, groups presented their designs and how they would achieve the goal of creating a user-friendly, self-driving car.

With this recent experience, we could not be more inspired and hopeful for what the future of technology holds. While kids of today have every bit of technology at their fingertips, what is most exciting is how they are going to transform it to take innovation to the next level. It was a joy to be a part of this year’s summer camp with Tech Titans, and we look forward to watching the young generation advance our future from dreams to reality.

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