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The Warning Signs It’s Time for an IT Upgrade

December 12, 2017

Jennifer Powell

CMO of Installation & Service Technologies (IST)

Warning signs can be as clear as rain water dripping from a ceiling or the check engine light on a car’s dashboard. But let’s say the system isn’t a roof or a car, but a business that depends on its technological network. What are the warning signs an IT system is in desperate need of an update? Is it a screen glitch or a pause in activity?

At Skinny IT, when identifying a client’s technology needs we begin with assessing where the system is failing and notify the owner of red flags that need an update so the business can perform at its best.

As these warning signs can be quite common to the eye of a service provider, it’s not as easy to spot for others. But with the knowledge outlined in the quick tips below, a business owner can begin to identify red flags and take action.

Warning sign #1 – The IT system isn’t helping overall business goals

If your IT system is functioning like a one-off answer rather than a holistic solution, this a major warning sign to upgrade to an enterprise-level network.

Businesses often invest in single services to fix short-term needs. For example, a restaurant could incorporate a new online reservation system that is a simple-to-use website where customers enter dates and times to reserve seating at their favorite Friday night spot. While this may seem like a solution, the service doesn’t fully contribute to the overall customer experience.

For true customer-centric service, the restaurant should upgrade to an enterprise-level solution. There are a few different services to do so, but reservation systems can transform into complete customer journeys. The updated system will not only make the reservation, but also text the customer when the table is ready, and after the meal, check in with the customer allowing them to rate their experience. The long-term goal is to build relationships with customers and to better business, and the IT systems should reflect this same agenda.

Warning sign #2 – The IT isn’t up to the challenge

If your IT system is acting as a band aid rather than proactive medicine, the network is bound for a costly repair.

When stadiums host football games for more than 80,000 fans, the Wi-Fi network handles a great amount of traffic, often resulting in a ‘can’t connect to network’ pop-up message for mobile users. This is because the stadium installed a network that is not capable of handling a large scale. A network that is optimized for stadiums has sufficient hardware touchpoints throughout the stadium and a sophisticated software design, both partnering for a quality, high-speed connectivity.

IT needs to be flexible to handle a business’s reality of complex problems that require smart solutions. Using short-sighted services that end up resembling band aids when circumstances are in need of a larger remedy is a significant warning sign to upgrade the system.

A Tip to Management

At the end of the day, the number one warning sign to look out for isn’t necessarily within the technology itself. Any warning sign will become a real-time issue if those who recognize them don’t take the problem seriously. If there was an oil light notification on the dashboard, the car owner would make an appointment with their mechanic. When you find your business’ technology isn’t operating at an enterprise level and isn’t up to the challenge, then contact your IT vendor to start implementing change.

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