Selling versus servicing can mean two very different things. While your online marketplace can sell products, there is no follow through on assisting customers with servicing and installing once they purchase – until now. With our Services as a Merchandising SKU, or S.A.M.S., we can offer customers a complete post-purchase service and support for the products they buy.

Once systems are integrated, when your customers purchase products, our customer service representatives handle the rest. From scheduling installation, verifying the appointment and confirming completion we ensure customer satisfaction every time. And of course, our network of technicians are certified so you can have peace of mind knowing your customers will be taken care of after they leave your website.

Our technicians can offer next day, and in a lot of cases same day, appointments. We will also train your customer service representatives on how to sell our services during the purchasing process. Some examples of our S.A.M.S. services include:

  • Network and Wi-Fi installation
  • Security solutions installation
  • I.M.A.C. services
  • Display installation

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