Depot Repair

For when that computer does inevitably break or that software does crash, our Depot Repair teams are ready and waiting to repair or replace your technology quickly so your business isn’t without for very long. Our technicians are experienced and trained in all technology we service so we can provide fast turnarounds.

We offer the following options for repairs and replacements:

Advanced swap contracts – For a flat monthly fee, you are guaranteed the most complete coverage for all technology solutions. We will ship you a working piece the moment we hear yours breaks, even before we receive the old item in our shop. When you receive the replacement, just place the broken piece in the box and return it.

Depot repair contracts – Our standard depot repair contracts allow you to send the broken piece to us for a flat monthly fee and we will repair and ship back to you within 72 hours.

Per-item repairs – Sometimes a monthly fee isn’t needed and paying on a case-by-case basis is more cost efficient. For per-item repairs, ship the broken items and we will return them repaired on a one-off basis for you.

For all contracts, we offer flexible shipping options to choose from, including:

  • Priority 1: Onsite or Same-Day Courier
  • Priority 2: Next Day Shipping
  • Priority 3: 2-Day Shipping
  • Priority 4: Standard Shipping

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