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Skinny IT Provides Top Notch Help Desk Support to Telehealth Startup

August 3, 2018

Skinny IT

Launched in March 2014, thera-LINK, is a HIPPA-compliant, secure video platform, which allows mental health professionals and their clients to conduct therapy sessions remotely. The company understands in-person sessions are not always possible due to health issues, distance, and time constraints, and strives to ensure those challenges never stop someone from receiving the therapeutic help they need. As thera-LINK expanded rapidly over the past several years, it became increasingly apparent that a 24/7 support center was critical to ensure providers and their customers could ask technical questions that would enable them to operate the platform correctly.

While looking to outsource this advanced help desk support to a third-party vendor, the company quickly realized it needed a true partner who would act as an extension of the thera-LINK team, and genuinely care about offering the best support possible every time. In October 2017, it turned to Skinny IT to fill that missing piece.

Skinny IT’s assigned bilingual agents were up to speed on the thera-LINK platform in two weeks. They were performing test calls seamlessly and began interacting with customers without any complaints. The Skinny IT agents are able to connect to customers’ computers to properly configure video and audio settings as well as provide basic training on how to use the platform. Additionally, the agents went a step above typical outsourced support to help educate the customers on navigating the resource center to get answers to future questions, directing them to demos, one-on-one trainings and other educational material to minimize callbacks.

“Third-party help desks should strive to alleviate the need for internal staff to continue answering technical questions, allowing them to focus instead on growing the business or developing the next iteration of the software,” said Sam Darwish, CEO of Skinny IT. “Therefore, the support team must know the technology and systems just as well, if not better, than the internal teams. At Skinny IT, this is exactly what we train our agents to do. It’s an expectation that the agents really understand and familiarize themselves with our clients’ materials, platforms and operating systems so we can provide flawless customer support during every interaction.”

Skinny IT agents also track frequently asked questions that are not yet addressed in thera-LINK’s resource center, which helps the company identify useful material that could be added to the database and eliminate reoccurring, commonly asked questions. In the past six months since the partnership began, thera-LINK’s business has grown by approximately 40%, but the ticket count has remained low comparably, despite the larger user base. Additionally, Skinny IT has helped thera-LINK reduce ticket cost by approximately 40%, as well.

“The reason we believe our ticket system has remained relatively low compared to the increase we’ve seen in our business is because customers are actually receiving adequate help the first time they call and they are receiving the training needed by the agents,” said Heather Potter, chief operating officer at thera-LINK. “We cannot stress enough how integrated Skinny IT agents are into our business. We no longer worry if support teams will provide inaccurate information or not be able to find the answers on their own. Now, we know customers are in the best hands with the agents and turn people to the help desk instead of shying away from saying we offer one.”

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