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Skinny IT CEO Featured on “PlayMakers Talk Show”

October 20, 2016

Jennifer Powell

CMO of Installation & Service Technologies (IST)

A playmaker is someone who thoughtfully leads and inspires their team to accomplish the goals set before them with confidence. This is an in individual who has the drive, vision and heart to lead their team to success. At Skinny IT, our playmaker is the founder and CEO of our company, Sam Darwish.

Sam recently had the opportunity to appear on KAAM’s “PlayMakers Talk Show” where he was interviewed by the host of the radio show, Steve Klein. The show focuses on CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives who are passionate about making a difference in their community, industry and personal lives. Sam was invited to participate because of the impact Skinny IT is making for their clients. Under Sam’s leadership, Skinny IT has grown to be a global IT provider and has helped clients save millions of dollars.

During the interview, Sam had the opportunity to share Skinny IT’s origins, how the company serves its clients, what makes it different from other IT providers and Sam’s vision for the future.

To hear to Sam’s broadcasted interview on “PlayMakers Talk Show,” please listen here.

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