Site Surveys & Assessments

Before you can decide upon a solution and develop an installation plan, you first have to know what you’re working with. Our site surveys allow all parties to understand the current situation with existing equipment and capabilities.

This helps to determine next steps and develop a customized and comprehensive plan for addressing potential challenges.

Our Site Survey services include:

Facility Analysis – We evaluate the condition of the existing facility and site access and deliver recommendations on the floor plan, electrical network, environmental considerations and local user-related information.

Indoor and Outdoor Services – We perform indoor and outdoor surveys based upon the client’s specific requirements to provide a comprehensive review of their site and current state.

Data Network Surveys – It is essential to ensure your network performs in a manner that is consistent with the technology vendor‘s design recommendations and deployment best practices. Through these surveys, you receive our recommendation on cabling layout as well as physical and logical network design and considerations.

Wireless Network Surveys – We provide detailed information that addresses coverage, interference sources, equipment placement, power considerations and wiring requirements. The site survey documentation serves as a guide for network design, installation and verification of the wireless communication infrastructure.

Advanced Site Surveys – We also deliver fully customized site surveys to address your specific requirements, such as utilization of non-standard tools and equipment, application of special knowledge or tailor-made survey procedures.

Voice and Video Network Surveys – We offer specialized surveys focused on the specific requirements associated with unified communication, business video and collaboration applications.

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