Integration Services

Sometimes all you need is a little help putting all the pieces of a puzzle together. That is where our Integrated Services teams come in. We offer a wide range of configuration services from simple hardware installation to full turn-key options. Some of the activities our teams can perform include:

Configuration Services:

  • Hardware installation including laptop, desktops and printers
  • Server configuration and set-up
  • Network device configuration and set-up
  • Mobile device configuration and set-up
  • Software configuration
  • Asset tagging

Rack Integration Services:

  • Layout and design
  • Power and network cable provisioning and installation
  • Rack assembly and mounting
  • Intra-cabinet cabling
  • System updates and layering
  • Burn-in, diagnostic and quality assurance inspections
  • Documentation
  • Deliver and logistics services

Project Staging and Rollout Services:

  • Pre-shipment configuration and deployment services
  • Same-day installation (in many cases)
  • Planned technology rollouts
  • Turnkey solutions, such as our pop-up store services
  • Service Level Agreement based installation services to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Project management services

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