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How Healthy is Your Heart? Skinny IT Celebrates National Heart Month

February 15, 2017

Jennifer Powell

CMO of Installation & Service Technologies (IST)

At Skinny IT, we are proud to partner with our clients to support their IT needs and ensure their success. This year, it is our goal to not only serve our clients to the best of our ability, but to also serve our community. As a team, we decided to partner with an organization doing good for millions of people every day, the American Heart Association (AHA).

Cardiovascular disease is an issue that is near and dear to our President and CEO Sam Darwish’s heart. Four years ago, Sam lost his father to a heart attack at the age of 57 and upon further research discovered that heart disease has affected many members of his family. Sam decided to take an unfortunate situation and turn it into an opportunity to monitor his own health closely and help others battling heart disease.

Sam’s family is among thousands who are affected by this disease. In fact, it is the nation’s number one killer, and a shocking 35 percent of Dallas deaths each year are attributed to cardiovascular disease. The AHA of Dallas is committed to fighting this disease and helping Dallas residents lead healthy and happy lives.

To bring awareness of this issue, we partnered with the AHA for National Heart Month by participating in National Wear Red Day and sponsoring the annual Go Red for Women Luncheon.

On February 3, our entire office wore red to promote heart health in men and women, and donated in support of the AHA with company matching.

Every year on National Wear Red Day, the AHA hosts annual Go Red for Women Luncheons all across the country. The Skinny IT team had the pleasure of sponsoring the luncheon and attending the event that draws more than 1,300 business executives, medical professionals and community leaders together. The team celebrated the 2017 Sandi Haddock Impact Award recipient, and heard an inspiring message on the power of perseverance from keynote Alison Levine, who is an American mountain climber and explorer despite being born with a congenital heart defect.

Our team was proud to partner with the AHA in their efforts to put an end to cardiovascular disease and look forward to continuing to work with this organization in the years to come. To learn more about National Heart Month and the AHA’s efforts, visit

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