Skinny IT CEO Featured on “PlayMakers Talk Show”

Jennifer Powell

CMO of Installation & Service Technologies (IST)

A playmaker is someone who thoughtfully leads and inspires their team to accomplish the goals set before them with confidence. This is an in individual who has the drive, vision and heart to lead their team to success. At Skinny IT, our playmaker is the founder and CEO of our company, Sam Darwish.

Sam recently had the opportunity to appear on KAAM’s “PlayMakers Talk Show” where he was interviewed by the host of the radio show, Steve Klein. The show focuses on CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives who are passionate about making a difference in their community, industry and personal lives. Sam was invited to participate because of the impact Skinny IT is making for their clients. Under Sam’s leadership, Skinny IT has grown to be a global IT provider and has helped clients save millions of dollars.

During the interview, Sam had the opportunity to share Skinny IT’s origins, how the company serves its clients, what makes it different from other IT providers and Sam’s vision for the future.

To hear to Sam’s broadcasted interview on “PlayMakers Talk Show,” please listen here.

Jennifer Powell

CMO of Installation & Service Technologies (IST)

Finding the right IT provider can be a confusing and overwhelming process. There are hundreds of IT providers to choose from who all claim to do the same thing, but it can be difficult to know which one will work best with you. You may find yourself asking, why are some IT providers more expensive than others? Or what happens if I have a sudden technology issue that needs immediate attention? Will my IT provider be able to take care of that?

At Skinny IT, we want to help make the choice more streamlined. We believe our customers deserve the most cost-effective IT solutions and should settle for nothing less.

Because every business leverages technology today in order to be successful, it is essential to have an IT partner you can count on. We suggest considering the following five guidelines to use when choosing an IT partner:

  1. Open Communication – An IT provider should be available whenever you need them. If there’s a technology issue, your provider should be able to fix the problem immediately to ensure the business does not suffer. As an example, one of our clients was having issues with the Wi-Fi in 87 of their stores across the DFW metroplex. We worked through the night, for several nights, to reset the Wi-Fi network in all of their stores and ensure our client did not have to close their stores during the day. This is the type of open communication and availability you should expect.
  1. Industry Knowledge – It is also important that your IT provider has many years of industry knowledge and experience. You want someone working with you who understands and anticipates the IT needs of your company. An IT provider should be up-to-date on industry trends and have the ability to forecast up-and-coming technology solutions to keep your company both efficient and relevant.
  1. Proven Track Record – In the search for an IT provider, it is critical to partner with a company that has a proven track record. Before choosing a provider, check references and see who the company has worked with in the past to determine if they will be a good fit. Although tedious and time-consuming, investigating prior to signing a contract to confirm the provider is the right fit for your company will save time and money in the end. This will ensure long-term success for both your company and your IT provider.
  1. Ability to be a Partner – You need an IT provider that can be a true partner as your business grows. A partner should have the ability to adapt with the changing marketplace, as well as the ebbs and flows your company may experience. Look for a provider that will be loyal and expand with you as the company evolves.
  1. Holistic Solutions – Your IT partner should have the ability to provide solutions tailored to your specific needs. The company should evaluate the current state of your IT system and develop a customized plan to enhance it. One customer might only need Wi-Fi installed, whereas another may require an entirely new security system. Regardless of the situation, your IT provider should offer holistic solutions that meet your particular needs.

Not all providers are created equal, and not all will be a good fit for your business. When searching for your partner, remember to keep these five aspects in mind to ensure your IT provider can help your company operate efficiently.

Jennifer Powell

CMO of Installation & Service Technologies (IST)

Businesses today can struggle without a robust IT platform. And it can be an arduous process to choose between the many IT companies that provide good services and solutions. So, how do you choose? What makes Skinny IT different and better?

It is difficult to pinpoint a specific reason why we’ve been successful, but we can prove how we’ve helped our customers exceed their goals while maintaining a reliable and cost-effective service.

We offer IT services and solutions without the headache.

Founded in 2010 by two experienced IT professionals, we have grown into a global IT solutions provider for more than 150 large-scale enterprises in industries as diverse as retail and converged solutions providers. We strive every day to be a “skinny” IT consultant that helps improve our clients’ business operations and overall productivity.

Feedback from our clients reinforces our experience, knowledge and creative solutions that solve IT problems. Here are a few of their stories.

Lush Cosmetics

A growing cosmetic company, Lush Cosmetics, was seeking an IT provider to help roll out 200 stores nationwide. We turned around an RFQ in a few days with a realistic bid and promise to begin working as soon as the contract was signed.

We were able to show our quick turnaround times by demonstrating services on one store and working overnight so the company did not lose any business. Lush Cosmetics was so impressed with our responsiveness, level of expertise and attention to detail that they hired us to work on the other 199 stores.

1-800 Flowers

1-800 Flowers had Wi-Fi network issues for its sub-company, Fannie Mae, in 87 retail locations across the Midwest. The company contacted us asking if we could go to each location to fix the connectivity issues in 48 hours. With some creative project management, we were able to meet the deadline and fix each store’s Wi-Fi functionality.

Fannie Mae and 1-800 Flowers praised our team for being able to provide the same superior level of service in a short time frame. Today, the 1-800 Flowers family of companies turn to us for all technology needs throughout the country.

SICOM Systems, Inc.

The digital signage software company that specializes in the quick service restaurant industry had always used several different companies in the past to deliver technological solutions to its clients in the U.S. and Canada. We stepped in to provide e-learning capabilities to all SICOM locations and developed a full course training program for technicians to perform IT jobs ahead of time and with superior quality.

SICOM lauded our team for expertly handling adversity and quickly resolving issues throughout the process. SICOM continues to hand over various parts of the business to us as our partnership grows.

We transform companies with customized solutions tailored to meet specific IT needs. Whether you need a complete IT overhaul or consulting expertise to optimize a few inefficiencies, we will handle the entire process. We develop recommendations, install hardware or software and provide ongoing maintenance and optimization.

On this blog, you will find tips to discover core IT solutions for every company, what to expect from any IT provider, how shifts in technology are affecting business, industry trends and more.

Join us on our journey to solve, simplify and scale the IT needs of your businesses today.

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